Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy works by using high-energy beams to target and damage the DNA in the cancer cell, disabling the cancer cells from reproducing and growing—this means that the cancer cells die and the cancer shrinks. At FVHO’s north Appleton campus, you will be treated with the advanced technology of the only tomotherapy HDA system in Wisconsin, developed and manufactured at UW-Madison. This academically created cancer treatment system looks similar to a PET or CT simulator and can treat tumors in multiple locations without you needing to reposition. Treatment takes three to five minutes instead of 35-45 minutes and is certified for incision-free brain surgery.

We partner with an expanded team of knowledgeable radiation oncologists, and our north Appleton campus that is currently under construction, will feature a radiation oncologist onsite, enabling patients to have consultations, diagnostics and treatment on the same day, in the same facility, along with holistic treatments such as massage therapy and acupuncture. Wherever your radiation therapy takes place, you will have peace of mind knowing that your FVHO team is committed to developing and coordinating your care to accomplish your health objectives.