Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology (FVHO) understands that cancer can be an overwhelming diagnosis. We recommend bringing at least one family member or friend with you to your first appointment and any future appointments.

Your provider will go into great detail with you about your disease and treatment options.  FVHO provides Nurse Navigators and Social Workers to assist patients with their needs. You will be provided with educational materials that will allow your care team to give you a full understanding of your treatment plan.

If you don’t know where to start, we have compiled a list of questions that you may wish to ask your provider:

Your Diagnosis

  • Please explain my disease?
  • Do you typically treat patients with my diagnosis?
  • What stage is my cancer in? What does that mean?
  • Is there anything unique about my cancer that makes my prognosis better or worse?


  • What are my treatment options?
  • What is the goal of treatment?
  • How can each treatment option help me achieve my goal of therapy?
  • What risks or potential side effects are associated with each treatment option?
  • What research studies (clinical trials) should I consider?
  • How long will I receive treatment, how often, and where?
  • Please explain how FVHO’s Weekend and Holiday Clinic hours may assist in my treatment plan?
  • How will my treatment be given?
  • How and when will I be able to tell whether the treatment is working?
  • Can I talk with another patient who has received this treatment?
  • Are there any resources or websites you recommend for more information?
  • Are there any support groups that may help me during my treatment?


  • What types of tests will I need?
  • Will I need X-rays and scans?
  • Will I benefit from having my cancer evaluated for its genetic makeup?

Side Effects of Treatment

  • What possible side effects should I prepare for?
  • When might they start?
  • How can I prepare for them or lessen their impact?
  • Will I lose my hair?
  • Are there treatments that can help relieve the side effects? What are they? Do you usually recommend or prescribe them?
  • How can I best monitor myself for complications related to either my disease or my treatment?

Daily Activities

  • How will my cancer treatment affect my usual activities?
  • Will I be able to work?
  • Will I need someone to help me at home?
  • Will I need help taking care of my kids?
  • Are there any activities I should avoid during my chemotherapy?
  • What activities could increase risk of infection?

What to Expect After Treatment

  • What happens after I complete my treatment?
  • How can I best continue to monitor myself for complications related to either my disease or my treatment?
  • How often do I need to come in for checkups?